Travis McCray is a self-acclaimed author, motivational speaker, life coach and fitness coach with unique approaches and a creative style providing jaw-dropping messages. Travis' words are used to impact the inner-city detention centers, college athletes and Public School Systems. It's evident that with the skills and passion he possesses, Travis is the new kid on the block!

Drawing from personal experiences including being raised in a single-parent home to being evicted sleeping on floor's of friends for over a year, Travis' transparency allows others to catch a glimpse of the struggles he's incurred.  His strength is a constant reminder to all that perseverence is key and they can slay giants in their personal lives.
Despite obstacles in his life, Travis started college at the age of 21 and completed both his Bachelor's Degree from East Central University while playing football. Travis later went on to obtain his Master's Degree in Education from the same University.
Travis works to educate others on the world of suicide and depression on a daily basis.  His speeches provide hope and inspiration to those who feel that there is no way to change their current situation.  Travis brings strength, encouragement, and support to all those he encounters and pushes them to their best potential for success.